Key features of the Suite Syndicator

Standalone Video CMS
Extendable with modules
Layout completely adaptable
HTML5 and Smartphone support
Multiple design template
Responsive design
Commercialization with video ads
Modular Design
Intranet operation possible
Premium support

Detailed feature list:

Easy installation with installer
Animated startpage slider
Featured media on the main page
Media player on the startpage
Full text search on all content types
Social media functionalities: activities, private messages, friends management, user profile
Multilingualism (languages delivered)
Search engine friendly URLs
Tag cloud
Completely CSS/HTML based, customizable templates
Multiple design template
Responsive design
Smartphone template
Three standard template skins included
Business template skin included
Supported media types: video, audio, pictures, documents
Comment, rate, like, send2friend media functions
Add tags (keywords) to media files
Upload individual thumbnail pictures for media files
Closed media view (optionally)
User management (registration, login, account settings)
"Users online" information
"Last viewed by" information for media files
Related media information
Own guestbook for each user
Personal favorites list for media
Hide user profiles
Assign contents to categories
Featured Media
Frontend media upload
Media download
Public playlist in WebTV
Integrated invitation function for friends
Integrated private messaging system
Embeddable flash player, Embed contents on other websites/blogs
Embedcode generator
Facebook comments (optionally)
Social Bookmarking
Facebook and Twitter Share
Player embeddable on Facebook wall
HTML upload fallback (for devices without flash support)
Native browser upload on iOS6+ devices
Videos will be transcoded into standard video formats (FLV/MP4) automatically
Videos will be transcoded into HTML5 formats (for devices without flash support) optionally
Graphical upload progress bar
Extended upload information
Thumbnails will be generated automatically
Wide screen support (16:9)
Individual watermark embeddable (Overlay)
H.264/MP4 support
Fullscreen support
Supported video formats
Supported audio formats
Supported image formats
Streaming Server support
Pseudo streaming support
ACUDEO video ads
VAST 1.0 video ads
VAST 2.0 video ads
Player embeddable into other websites
Lights Off function
HTML5 player fallback (for devices without flash support)
Secured administration panel (content-/user management, statistics)
Upload function for the portal logo
Various configuration settings for portal and modules
Media Management
User Management
Group management
Slideshow management
Management of static pages (Imprint, gtc, etc.)
Menu editor
Category management
Portal statistics
Language management
Template management
Activities log
System log
Groups (private and public)
Blog (with comments)
Google-Sitemap plugin
Transcoding plugin
Rich-Text-Editor plugin
Adserver Connection
Video on Demand
Media Import
Google Maps
Facebook Connect
Open ID
YouTube and Vimeo Import
Single Sign On (Master)